About ABEM — Academy of Business and Emerging Markets

ABEM has three pillars: Journal, Conference, and Training. In 2007, we established our first pillar of Journal by launching the peer-reviewed International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (IJBEM). The mission of the Journal is to disseminate business research of international standing and contribute to knowledge translation from the West to the East and vice versa.

In 2010, we established our second pillar of Training and delivered first training in 2010 in Ghana and Kenya. The mission of the Training is to build intellectual capability and competitiveness in developing countries and emerging markets through quality business education, workshops and training.

In 2015, we added our third and final pillar — Conference, making ABEM a fully comprehensive Academy dedicated to serving developing countries and emerging markets. The mission of the conference is to provide a platform for exchange of research, theories and controversies among professors, professionals and students through knowledge generation, translation and transfer across the East and the West.

ABEM has been formally established and registered since 2013 under the Business Names Registration Act at the Companies Office in Winnipeg, Canada.

Our philosophy is that only good education can give people the ability to think, and that only good education can bring people out of poverty.

Our values are deeply rooted in mutual respect, diversity and inclusiveness, and we are particularly committed to serving developing, land-locked/islands and war-affected countries.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized world-class Academy by 2020. We do so by disseminating relevant research through the peer-reviewed International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets to academic scholars and business professionals, and by organizing international annual conference to bring like-minded people together, and by offering face-to-face quality training in developing countries and emerging markets through a network of professors, professionals and partners.

Executives and Directors

pic-sat-135Executive Director
Dr. Satyendra Singh
University of Winnipeg
Dr. Singh is Professor of Marketing and International Business, and conducts research in developing countries and emerging markets. He travels frequently in Africa and Asia to teach, speak and conduct workshops. Dr. Singh has been a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management (IIMA), Ahmedabad; Birla Institute of Management Technology (BimTech), New Delhi; Southampton Business School, UK; Build Bright University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Regent University, Accra, Ghana, Africa; and, Inoorero University, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

Dr. Lewa Vice-President (Training)
Dr. Peter Lewa
United States International University
Dr. Lewa, a Professor of Management at the United States International University (USIU- Kenya), is a highly respected consultant in Africa and has conducted numerous projects in Kenya, Somalia and South Africa. Dr. Lewa recently authored the National NGO Policy of Kenya that has been adopted by the Kenyan government. Dr. Lewa has also authored several books including Developing Agricultural Trade in Poor Countries. Dr. Lewa serves on several CBO and FBO Boards in Kenya.

pic-dr-dash-70 Vice-President (Conference)
Dr. Tapas Ranjan Dash
Build Bright University
Dr. Dash is professor and vice-president of post-graduate studies, and specializes in rural economics, project management and international business with particular emphasis on management of co-operatives and economic development. Dr. Dash has the privileges of commissioning research and consultancy projects for some of the top international agencies such as FNF, KYA, TVK, NCDD, MIME, and CARE, among others. Dr. Dash recently completed a research project for International Labor Organization (ILO) on child labor practices in Cambodia.

rim Director
Dr. Rim Jallouli
University of Manouba
Dr. Jallouli is Professor of marketing and innovation, Dean of the Higher School of Digital Economy at University of Manouba, and President and Founder of the Tunisian Association of Digital Economy. Dr. Jallouli has served as country co-chair and track chair for international conferences in the field of business and technology such as ISKO Maghreb, GBATA, SIIE. She has keen interest in digital economy and widely published in this area and management of innovation.

dlr-70 Director
Dr. De la Rey Van der Waldt
Tshwane University of Technology
Dr. Prof Van der Waldt specializes in Integrated Marketing Communication and is one of the founding members of the Department of Communication at Fort Hare University. He taught at several South African universities and served as visiting lecturer in Europe and the United States. Dr. Prof Van der Waldt received three Global Excellence Awards in Communication Management in Istanbul, New York and Helsinki. Currently he is a rated researcher in Corporate Reputation management and measurement from the National Research Foundation in South Africa.

gin Director
Dr. Gin Chong
Prairie View A&M University
Dr. Chong is a well known professor for his research on accounting and auditing systems of the emerging markets, materiality and audit risk, and firms’ performance measurements and governance issues. Dr. Chong has more than ten years of private sector accounting exposures and thirty years of teaching experiences. Dr. Chong is a visiting professor of many universities in China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, and Romania. Recently the World Bank has appointed him to review the Accounting and Finance Program of a reputable university in Bangladesh.

gin Director
Dr. Nicholas Grigoriou
Monash University
Dr. Nicholas Grigoriou has over 20 years of academic and practical marketing and international marketing experience in the banking, furniture, petroleum and education industries. Presently, Dr. Grigoriou is in the Department of Marketing at Monash University’s Malaysia campus, where he teaches international marketing, and marketing planning and implementation. Previously, Dr. Grigoriou served as Principal of the Diploma of Business and English language programs at Monash College, Guangzhou, China. Dr. Grigoriou’s research interests are in new product development and branding.